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Cave of the Wind

Avery Kloss - Cave of the Wind


The third book of The Dawn of Man Series, Cave of the Wind is now available!


Torn between two men, Peta fears Greggor’s wrath, begging Ronan to flee to a safe place. With Peta pregnant again, they seek shelter with a clan over the mountain, until tragedy strikes. Alone and terrified, Peta encounters a group of people who claim to know her, the women there similar in appearance. Has she finally met her birth family?

Greggor will not rest until he finds Peta, the man abandoning his people to search for the woman who dared defy him. He sees her in the throes of labor, his anger vanishing, as he gazes at what is his—the family he feared never to have. Despite their differences, Peta agrees to return to Greggor’s clan. This sets off a chain of startling events, culminating in a surprising reunion, and an unexpected journey.

CHAMBER OF BEARS is now available

This is the follow-up to Clan of the Wolf.

Chamber of Bears is the story of a young woman and her struggle to survive in a world of man-eating cats, natural disasters, and hostile clans.

Young Peta faces her greatest challenge yet, retrieving her son from the clutches of a childhood foe, a man by the name of Greggor. His name alone conjures up her worst fears—the heathen responsible for so much heartache.

But Lord Greggor will not acquiesce so easily to the demands of a stranger—even one as compelling as the angry beauty before him, the one with the murderous gleam in her eye

My newest is available now!

My newest is available now!

Clan of the Wolf

Ancient clans of Europe carved out a way of life foraging and hunting. Orphaned, Peta lives with her mother and sister, having been spurned by their own people. A wandering hunter, Ronan, finds the girl enchanting, yet vulnerable. When tragedy strikes, Peta and her family struggle to survive, meeting a gifted healer, who takes them in. She has never forgotten Ronan, and, as a young woman, she seeks him out, hoping to find him in the land beyond the mountain, but can she survive the journey alone?