Special Omnibus Edition of Caveman!

CM Omnibus Cover_600x900

Caveman: The Omnibus Edition: Books 1-3, A Time Travel Romance Kindle Edition

After a freak electrical storm sends her plane into the Clovis period, more than ten thousand years in the past, Janet Delgrange must fight to survive, encountering strange wildlife and people that look … primitive.

She meets Gundre, an alpha-hunter, and then Marro, chief of a large tribe that resides at the base of an active volcano. Both men will take what they want, and she will submit, falling in love, but can she survive living ten thousand years in the past?

“Wonderfully original and engaging!” Ms. Write

“Great characters. Funny dialogue, interesting story lines, two stories in one.” Gayla M.

“Makes you want your own caveman!” Momman Cali