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Special Omnibus Edition of Caveman!

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Caveman: The Omnibus Edition: Books 1-3, A Time Travel Romance Kindle Edition

After a freak electrical storm sends her plane into the Clovis period, more than ten thousand years in the past, Janet Delgrange must fight to survive, encountering strange wildlife and people that look … primitive.

She meets Gundre, an alpha-hunter, and then Marro, chief of a large tribe that resides at the base of an active volcano. Both men will take what they want, and she will submit, falling in love, but can she survive living ten thousand years in the past?

“Wonderfully original and engaging!” Ms. Write

“Great characters. Funny dialogue, interesting story lines, two stories in one.” Gayla M.

“Makes you want your own caveman!” Momman Cali

Now available!

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The Caveman trilogy is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback

Caveman: A Time Travel Romance

Surviving a plane crash was a miracle, but what happened next defied all logic.

Flying to Miami for a photo shoot, make up artist Janet Delgrange’s plane crashes in a freak electrical storm, instantly killing the pilots and five other passengers. The survivors, some of whom are injured, discover the world is not what it should be. Photographer Philippe Fey sees strange and unusual things through the lens of his camera… creatures and people that look… primitive.

Archaeologist Amy Sandhurst discovers a cave near Cactus Hill, Virginia. The drawings on the ceiling baffle her, leaving her to believe whoever painted a Twitter username amongst images of mastodons had to be playing a joke. After further analysis, she realizes they were written nearly ten thousand years ago.

The survivors are not alone, traveling amongst fearsome, giant creatures and the Clovis people, who seem the most puzzling of all. Janet befriends young Punda, whose father, Gundre, is a hunter for the tribe. She is drawn to Gundre, who watches her across the fire, the flames of interest flickering in his eyes.

Trapped in the past, Janet realizes she may never be able to go home again. Although this new life isn’t something she could ever have imagined, she must adapt to survive. That could very well include becoming a caveman’s wife.

Caveman 2: A Time Travel Romance

Modern woman meets primitive man …

Janet’s tribe travels to the base of a large mountain, where Chief Marro, who presides over more than a thousand people, lives. Phil doesn’t need to look through a camera to recognize an active volcano when he sees one. But the angry mountain is the least of their worries, because Janet captures the charismatic chief’s attention, despite the fact that her mate, Gundre, is a longtime friend.

Having met Janet’s fiancé at the site in Cactus Hill, archaeologist Amy Sandhurst finds Brian compelling and is instantly attracted to the handsome stockbroker. He’s moving on with his life, leaving New York for Colorado, and Amy must decide what she wants … but the mystery surrounding Janet’s disappearance continues to grow.

Janet feels torn—adoring her new family, yet the pull of Marro is far too strong to resist. Their chemistry is hot and explosive, but so is the mountain, which could kill them all. Marro has forbidden her to leave, wanting her for his own, but once the volcano erupts, the tribe must flee, the disaster separating lovers and ruining lives.

Caveman 3: A Time Travel Romance

Not your typical love story… not your ordinary hero…

Having crash-landed in the past and survived a volcano, Janet and the others are reunited with Chief Marro’s tribe, seeking shelter at the winter cave. After a streak of light passes over in the night sky, Janet and Phil investigate, finding evidence of a plane crash, people having come through time, but they all perished.

The government has begun a time travel initiative, although it’s a suicide mission. Archaeologist Amy Sandhurst is appalled to discover this, but her curiosity propels her to want to be a part of the team, although this worries her fiancé, Brian Lutz.

After Janet gives birth, the clan travels to Marro’s decimated homeland, finding the rest of his tribe enslaved by a savage, cannibalistic culture. However, this may be the least of their worries, because modern man has, somehow magically appeared… having come through time.